Certified Etheric Pracitioner Course Testimonial

‘I took Patricia’s 4 day Certified Etheric Practitioner course and the experience was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  When I registered for the course, I was at a place in life where I had been catapulted into self and other worldly discoveries and was searching for my truth.  I found many answers during the course and still continue to discover new perspectives and insights well after.  I found the meditations Patricia guided us through deeply profound and was intensely affected after each one.  I should mention I took the first 2 days of the course via distance learning and even without being in the room with the other learners, I found I was still extremely engaged.  After completing the 4 days, I can honestly say I felt transformed and more connected to everything around me.  I took away a deeper understanding of myself, my higher self and the energy that is us and everything.  I am forever grateful and humbled by my experience in this course and live with more joy, understanding, gratitude and hope for having taken it.  I highly recommend it!

C.K.  Spruce Grove’

Medical Intuitive Testimonial

Patricia Dennis is a wonderfully, gifted Intuitive Healer who has helped me overcome an issue with my bowels that I have struggled with for years.  When I say struggled, I mean that I lived with a frightening and debilitating condition that essentially controlled my life. My activities were severely limited.  I experienced some control with drugs, but as we know, that was just masking the condition.  My daughter encouraged me to consult with Patricia.  Patricia worked with me for two months.  Within a few days of being in the chamber, I noticed significant improvement.  Patricia was always available for consultation if needed, but I found that her bi-weekly reports on my physical condition were sufficient.  I am thrilled to report that my intestinal condition that I have suffered with for many years is completely gone.  I enjoy a normal life, a life that I thought was impossible to achieve. I want to say a heartfelt thank-you to Patricia, and I encourage anyone reading this to believe.  You can be whole.

S.E., Edmonton

Certified Etheric Pracitioner Course Testimonial

Taking the Certified Etheric Practitioner course offered by Patricia Dennis has changed my life forever. It has opened new pathways to spiritual practice I never expected to achieve.
Through the structured meditations, practices, and knowledge I received,  I am now able to unlock new paradigms and journey further into the universe that exists all around me.
I have new profound understandings of my own unique abilities and a pathway to unlocking them. Avenues of emotional, mental and spiritual awareness are continuously entering my life and evolving my Being beyond what I had ever expected.
I am very grateful that this course is available. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to advance their spiritual practices for personal growth, or as a career in assisting others with healing.
B.J., Edmonton

Tree of Life Reading

Hi Patricia!
Wow!! It’s as if you know me! I found the reading to be very accurate indeed. Many of the themes that came up are ones that I have become aware of over time through my own introspection as well as astrological charts and other healings/readings. So you’re bang on!
I have to go back and really absorb it but I wanted to thank you very much for this in-depth, insightful and very accurate reading.
C.C., Toronto

Remote Healing and Spiritual Counsel

WOW!! So beautiful and right on! You have seen into the soul essence and have been so compassionately supportive, Thank you. You have a gift that needs to be shared on earth at this time. Thank you for living your truth!
S.G., Alberta

In-person and Remote Healing Session

I have experience both remote and in-person sessions with Patricia. In one of my remote sessions, she accurately perceived precisely where I had been experiencing energetic blockages in my body. After the first reading, I was able to lay on my left side without feeling any pain in my left knee. It had been almost two years since I had last been able to do that. She also tuned into multiple layers of issues that I have had on the feminine side of my lineage. Patricia’s accuracy still astounds me. But it is her heart-felt Grace and Presence that leaves me feeling blessed to know her.”
Z.W., Edmonton

Oneness Workshop Experiences

No words can fully describe the depth, magnitude or profoundness of Patricia’s workshops.  We have attended several of her Oneness seminars and each time have new revelations, discovering hidden triggers or beliefs, widening our inner knowledge and acknowledging our true self and potential.  Foremost, Patricia provides a very safe, comfortable and peaceful space with no pressure or judgments allowing us to delve deeply within ourselves.  Patricia teaches from the heart and is very passionate and committed to helping others.  She is continually expanding herself thereby offering us profound insights with each successive course.  If one wishes to expand their self awareness and perceive life in a new light, we highly recommend Patricia’s workshops.  Thank you Patricia and we look forward to continuing our Spiritual journey with you.
Angela & Michael, Edmonton area

2 Day Chakra Course Testimonial

“More than an introduction to the chakras – the title of this enlightening workshop could be “Healing Your Chakras”.  In a safe and sacred space, we were gently guided to go deep into our souls to explore and come to know the essence of Self.  We were beautifully guided to “clean the lenses” of each of our chakras through guided meditations, and were welcomed to heal the wounds, thought forms and old emotions existing there that were distorting our perception of truth. In the days that followed I felt moments of sheer blissfulness, a divine connection with all living things, and an acceptance of and oneness with what is.  Thank you Patricia for sharing your spiritual guidance and gifts with us in this uplifting, life changing weekend.”

J.L., Edmonton

Certified Etheric Pracitioner Course Testimonial

Meeting and taking classes from Patricia Dennis has been transformational for me. I have been exposed to a world, the inner world, in a way that has inspired me and opened me up in ways that I had not imagined. I believe that we are all to some degree intuitively aware of our energetic systems and the role they play in our overall health. To actually learn about the chakras in more detail, and then to gain a personal  insight into the functioning of one’s own chakras with the meditations that Patricia facilitates , is so fascinating and beneficial I cannot fully articulate it – it must be experienced.

Patricia’s workshops are fascinating and thorough, inspiring and importantly, safe. All the meditations can be explored and shared together in the group or kept private, but there is a feeling of trust and safety that Patricia creates for everyone.

I initially took Etheric Practitioner course to further explore the chakras, to gain a deeper understanding  of the energetic system in order to improve my health as well as the health of my children. I found after the life changing experience of taking this course that I am now inspired to give readings to paying clients. It has been a tremendously fulfilling endeavor that I would recommend to anyone, even to those without the intention to pursue the practitioner aspect of the course. The self-knowledge, peace, healing and tremendous growth that you will experience as a result of this course is reason enough to explore the chakras more deeply.

I intend to continue to take workshops from Patricia for as long as she offers them as I know I will infinitely benefit from the teachings , self-exploration and healing that Patricia so expertly and compassionately facilitates.

M.H, Edmonton