Private Intuitive Readings, Healing Sessions or Spiritual Coaching

Info  & Guidelines

  • Sessions are available via Skype or Zoom only or as a remote session (where you receive the recorded session via MP3 for playback)
  • All session fees must be paid in advance.
  • 24 hour notice is required for cancellation with refund.
  • Fees: $125 for a 1 hr session (Book 3 in advance with payment for $350)  Interac transfers are preferred.

How it works
The subtle bodies carry a great deal of information about us that is not always obvious to the conscious mind. Beneath what we think we know are emotions, decisions, programs and karmic imprints that are dictating much of what is going on in our lives.

Once we can begin to become aware of what exists beneath the surface and start to work with it for healing and balancing, the outer world begins to follow suit and reflects more harmony and balance itself.

I am able to look into the subtle bodies whether we are together or apart and much of my work is done at a distance whether on skype or phone or completely remotely. Certain times client prefers a face to face session and this can be set up with advance notice (not available at this time).

Types of Sessions

Intuitive Guidance/Spiritual Coaching/Healing session

1 hour $125 via Skype or Zoom

healing hands

These healing, coaching or spiritual guidance sessions are intuitively led.  In these sessions we connect with your Higher Self to receive guidance on the area that you want to focus on for the session.  We work to determine underlying causes of issues and shift them toward a more balanced state, if guided to do so. These sessions can address physical, spiritual or emotional challenges and much more.  We will work with Akashic records to look into past life experiences if guided to do so.

These sessions are unique to the individual and may include any of the following:  guidance, messages from the Soul or loved ones, Chakra healing and balancing, clearing karmic imprints, accessing Akashic records or a combination of all, depending on client need and guidance received. 

Karmic Clearing/Akashic Records Reading:  $125 per hours on Zoom or Skype

If you would like to explore the roots of worldy problems and find solutions that bring healing and change, you may like a Karmic Clearing Session.  In this session we explore the root causes of challenges you may be experiencing whether health, relationship, finances and more. We will access the Akashic records as needed in these sessions and work with Divine guidance to determine the path forward.


Tree of Life reading

$140 – available as a remote session only

(please note that with these sessions we are not bound by time that if you listen to the session on audio after it has already been completed, you will still be in the moment with any healing and guidance received at the time you listen)

tree of lifeThese readings provide the client with a “snapshot” of their energetic body by using a combination of Tarot and Intuitive Guidance to look at each of the 10 centres on the Mystical Tree of Life.  The reading will identify current challenges, opportunities for Soul Development, and potential blocks that may need to be addressed so that the Soul can advance.

This is a great reading to have as a starting point on your spiritual journey, or as a check in on your current state following a change in life circumstances or after significant energetic shifts on the planet, or even as a yearly review to check progress on your spiritual journey.

Food intollerance check or supplement check  $60 – $150 (prices vary depending on the number of  foods or supplements to be checked – minimum fee is $60)

An intuitive check will be performed on typical allergens to determine which foods are not in harmony with your body.

A check can also be performed on supplements that you are taking to determine if they are in harmony with your body and how to get more out of the supplements that work for you.  Don’t throw your money away on supplements that do nothing for you.

These checks are done remotely after discussion with you.

A 15 minute follow up phone call can be included to review findings if needed (can be included only for $150 pricing)

This is not meant to replace sound medical advice. It is simply a means to work with your body’s innate ability to know what it needs.

Medical Intuitive Body Systems Check $225 for initial assessment and consult

(fees for initial assessment may vary for more complex or less complex cases and is based on the time required to complete the assessment)

Patricia provides medical intuitive assessment services and will read the energetic body to determine the source of imbalances in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Patricia will then determine the vibrations that will bring the body/mind back into balance and transfer the required vibrations to the client as needed.

If you have an ongoing health issue and/or un-diagnosed problem, you might wish to have a vibrational assessment conducted or to find out if this work is right for you.

Vibrational remedies work to clear underlying Miasms, Infections, Diseases and much more, by gently dismantling the vibration of the out of balance condition.  Everything that exists in the universe has a vibration and in order to bring the body to a state of balance, we work to find the counter vibrations that brings the body/mind back to a balanced state.  This is quantum physics!  This is spiritual science!

The assessment can be conducted even if you do not wish to proceed with using vibrational remedy treatment, as the assessment can uncover the root causes of physical and emotional issues that standard testing may not be able to pick up or assess.

Contact Patricia for further details on this program of healing and the associated cost structure.

Any vibrational remedies/treatment required are not included in Patricia’s assessment fees.  Treatment fees will be discussed with the client following the assessment and will be based on the number of vibrations required to complete the treatment program or on the complexity of the issue.  Most clients are put on a monthly maintenance fee for the duration of the vibrational work.

This work can be very successful on many physical and emotional issues.

Depending on the client, karmic clearing sessions may also be required to supplement the vibrational work.

Patricia does not make any claims regarding medical assessments or treatment.  This is an energetic service and you should seek medical service as needed based on your situation.

A release form must be signed for completion of any vibrational work.  Fees must be paid as work is completed and a credit card is required on file for this treatment.


Private Spiritual Coaching in any area that I teach or customized for your needs

If you would like private coaching in any of the areas that Patricia teaches, it is possible to set up a custom program for your spiritual journey.

Sessions are available via Skype or Zoom only and private session rates apply.

Group coaching is also available if you have a group that is interested in studying similar content.

Pricing may vary depending on the work required and the number of students involved in the sessions.


If you feel called to make a donation to support my services and ongoing studies, I gratefully accept your support. I am constantly expanding my own inner state and expanding the information I can access on the inner planes through study with my own teachers.   As I grow, I am able to pass on more to my clients and students.

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