Check out Pillai Center.   Dr. Pillai is an Enlightened Siddha Master with many programs and events you can take part in from the comfort of your own home.  Just a sampling of what Pillai Center offers includes clearing Karma, activating the Mid Brain, connecting with Archetypes, connecting with the Sounds for Wealth and Abundance, taking part in Sacred Fire Rituals (Homas) and so much more.  I highly recommend checking out all that Pillai Center has to offer!

I am a Licensed Facilitator of the Teachings of Doctor Pillai and offer both classes and private coaching in his teachings.

Check out Pillai Centre through my Facilitator affiliate link for information on many programs, events and fire labs that will Highly benefit you.  If you want recommendations, I am happy to help, but I do ask that you use my affiliate link to purchase when using my recommendations.


For more information on Oneness, visit the main website, or contact Patricia directly. This is some of the most transformational work I’ve ever come across and it’s why I love to teach it.





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Check out the teaching of Kryon.  Lee Carroll channels the messages of Kryon, filled within information on the changing times and how we can benefit from the shifts available to us in the Golden Age.  The Kryon website offers many free replays of the Kryon workshops that take place all over the world.   The messages of Kryon have been one of my favourites over the years!!


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