Meet Patricia

Meet Patricia

Patricia Dennis

Patricia Dennis

My journey to spiritual guidance and energetic healing work has been an interesting and very unexpected one.

Life until my early thirties was for the most part a typical life.  I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I attended the University of Alberta and attained a Commerce Degree and left there thinking I would rule the business world. I was drawn into the Information Technology Sector and have worked many years as a Business Analyst and Project Manager.

This role has helped me to hone many of the skills I now use as a teacher of spiritual and healing work including understanding people’s needs, presenting, instructing, collaborating, writing, and interacting with people from various backgrounds and levels of education.  One of my spiritual teachers told me that everything in your life will prepare you for the spiritual role you have come to play, and she was so very right.

Life went on for some time working, marriage, starting a family, but something was always missing … that feeling of the desire for a deeper connection, for the need to understand exactly what the purpose of my life was. Then life really got turned upside down. A series of bizarre health issues began to plague my family. Standard medical investigation did not reveal anything…I found myself working with Naturopaths and Homeopaths, and while there was small relief in some areas, it was not the cure I was looking for. I knew that somewhere there was an answer and felt deep within myself that this was not random…I just had to find the way out. I continued to move further out to the fringes of healing work.

I found a wonderful medical intuitive that showed me how to heal bodies naturally.  I found several wonderful teachers that helped me learn about  energetic and intuitive healing, and learn about vibrational remedies and how these can be used to clear underlying inherited disease patterns from the body along with just about everything else.

I began reading spiritual literature and taking energetic healing classes. I then began working with several of the spiritual paths that I continue to study with and teach for today.  The first is the highly transformational work of the Oneness University (now known as O & O Academy) that works to shift human consciousness and help people connect to their Source.  The second is the wonderful mystical and healing work of Kathy Roseborough and her lineage of teachers through her World Healing Academy (previously known as the School of Etheric Healing).  The third is the teachings and mantra work of Enlightened Siddha Master Dr. Pillai. All of these streams of work have impacted my life in incredible ways, helped me open my spiritual gifts and discover my passion for teaching spiritual and healing work.

Through my Teachers and ongoing studies, I began to watch my life transform, and watched many others around me do the same. My passion for the inner work, and the peace and realizations it produced grew ever stronger.  My compassion to assist others searching for the same liberation grew tremendously.

This work is my Soul’s purpose. I have felt what it is like to suffer and feel powerless in the circumstances of life. There is a way out, and if you reach for it, it will find you …. and if you let it, it will transform you.  I love to help others heal their bodies, to teach them how to take part in their own self healing, guide them on the path to self-realization and find their own True Purpose along the way.

Nothing in life is random.  Everything has purpose, including those things that drive fear and chaos into our lives.  We are only asked to pay attention, to seek, to ask why, and watch as the Divine Plan unfolds before us.

I want to thank my family and those closest to my heart for all that they have brought to my life and my journey.  A special thank you goes out to all those that have helped and guided me on my own path and development of my gifts: Kathy Roseborough, Kerry Chinn, Sarah Meredith, Stuart Mooney Jr., the many Teachers of the Oneness work, and the self empowering teachings of Dr. Pillai and Pillai Center.  I have been Blessed in so many ways!

I am constantly humbled by the perfection of the Divine forces at work. I am honored to be of Service to you in whatever way this Divine force brings us together.

Many Blessings.