Chakra Foundations Workshop  – On Zoom

(recorded if you cannot make the live Zoom sessions)

Four 2.5 – 3.0 hr segments  running Thursdays or Sundays in October!

Learn about your inner world, your aura, and your Chakras!

The Chakra Foundations course is the perfect place to start or expand your energetic and spiritual studies.  This course provides a solid base to understand the major elements of the energetic body, open and explore your extra sensory perception and experience and heal your own energetic body.

The Course includes:

  • An overview of the Human Energy Field, the Chakras, the layers of the Energetic body and more
  • How the Energetic field interacts with the world around it and why we get overloaded
  • In class meditations for assessing, balancing and healing your Chakras.
  • ChakrasExploring and developing  your extra-sensory perception
  • Foundation for further energetic studies
  • PDF Manual

Contact Patricia at to register or for questions.

Zoom Class Dates – 2 options to choose from (Thursdays or Sundays)

  • Thursdays: Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22 and Oct 29 starting at 11 am MST or 1 pm EST
  • Weekends:  Sun Oct 4, Sat Oct 10, Sun Oct 18, Sun Oct 25  starting at 11 am MST or 1 pm EST

Investment:  $180 if paid by September 25 or $210 thereafter
Register with Patricia at

 Can’t make the class times? All will be recorded for replay and learning at a time that works for you or contact me for private study options!


Certified Etheric Practitioner Training Program – Live on Zoom

Eight plus more  2.5 – 3 hour segments

(Intuitive Healing Practitioner Program)


The Certified Etheric Practitioner program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the Chakra and Auric system and to provide solid instruction for accessing multiple levels of consciousness to assess and balance self and othershealing-hands w chakra image.

This course is perfect for those wanting to explore their own inner world in a deeper manner, as well as for those wanting to pursue work as an energetic practitioner.

This is a great addition to any healing modality you may already have studied. This course includes ample self assessment and healing, because becoming a better practitioner means doing your own inner work!!

Upon completion of the course, you will have enough information to be able to perform a basic assessment and balancing routine on a client/family member/friend. 

During the first 4  segments we cover the following:

  • Learning the association of organs and endocrines to the Chakras
  • Learning about common types of dysfunction in the Chakra system
  • Learning different ways to bring balancing to the Chakras
  • Learning about the different levels of consciousness (physical, mental, emotional, akashic, etc)
  • Working with different types of extra-sensory perception
  • learning to work with the guidance of the Soul and the other Masters
  • in class meditations and healing

During the next 4 segments of the course we cover the following:

  • Learning to complete assessments on self and others
  • learning to complete a clearing and balancing sequence
  • learning to assess priorities and be a channel for balancing
  • In class practice
  • learning the basics of becoming a practitioner, additional studies and more

EXTRA SESSION: A separate one on one session will be set up with each student over zoom where they will be guided to complete an assessment on a client at their own location.

WRAP UP SESSION:  A final session will be set up after all one on one mentoring sessions are complete for QA and review and to answer questions about Case Studies.

A set of 12 Case Studies can be completed for those students wanting their Certificate as a Certified Etheric Practitioner.  This is optional and requries an additional administrative fee.

Instructed by Patricia Dennis, Intuitive Counselor and Teacher of Advanced Energy Healing systems.

Contact Patricia at to register or for questions. 

Investment for the course (not including case study review):

$899 if paid in full by October 25 or

$950 thereafter or for 2 pymts of $475 due Oct 25 and Nov 25
Re-fresher price is $475 

 Can’t make the class times? All will be recorded for replay and learning at a time that works for you or contact me for private study options!


Learn to Pendulum Dowse – 1/2 Day Workshop

Learn to pendulum dowse and find a tool that will help open your intuitive skills, will help you with practical applications and will help strengthen your connection to your Higher Sacred Self.

This ½ Day workshop includes the following:

  • Learn how to find information using your pendulum
  • Working with charts to receive information
  • How to prepare yourself and care for your pendulum
  • Practical applications for dowsing
  • Dowsing applications for Health and Wellness

To find out when the next class is running or to express your interest, contact Patricia Dennis at

Also available for small group study on Zoom or as a 1 on 1 private study/coaching class.


Soul Connection Workshop – 3 Sessions, 3 meditations

This three session workshop will help you improve your connection with your inner guidance.

Session 1:  Developing or Strengthening your connection with your Soul/Guides/Inner awareness

Session 2:  Activating the internal fire or the kundalini to enliven the spiritual energy within you.

Session 3:  Opening and expanding your spiritual gifts.

Available for small group study on Zoom or as a 1 on 1 private study class.

Contact Patricia for details at or visit for more information.


Mystical Tree of Life Course

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a mystical tool that provides us with a view into our own Soul and its composition over lifetimes.  It is place from which we can explore our connection to all things.   It is a sacred map that helps us to understand how the Divine emanates into the world of Form and also how “Man” can use the map to return to a state of Inner Divinity.

Learn about the 10 Sephira, the 4 Worlds, the Merkabah, the Three Pillars, the Adam Kadmon and more……

We will be working with the Archangels of the Sephira and the planetary influences.

Next Course:  TBD

Available for private study or small group class



Karma Clearing Day

Understand where your Karma comes from and what you can do about it!  You do not need to be stuck with your life if you don’t like where you are.

Learn about the following teachings and processes:

  • Connecting with Ganesha for Obstacle removal
  • Understanding elements of your Karma and use mantras for daily karma clearing
  • Understand you connection with your ancestors and use a process to clear ancestral karma
  • Learn about power days and how you can maximize your karma and obstacle clearing

1 Day Course price is $150

Contact Patricia at to register or for questions.

Distance study is available!

Next course dates TBD.


Private or Group Studies in the Teachings of the Golden Age Movement (Oneness)


The work of the Golden Age Movement  takes the participant on an inner journey, where they begin to see the nature of the inner world and how this inner world reflects our outer relationships and life experiences. One can only begin to have peace in the outer world, when one begins to make a journey to Oneness within the self.

These studies will cover some of the foundational Teachings of Oneness/Golden Age Movement, will use sacred processes to bring forth healing and will raise Awareness and Consciousness through the use of the Oneness Blessing/Deeksha.


  • Healing the Parental Relationship
  • Healing the 4 Baskets of Conception
  • Healing the Ancestral Lineage
  • Learning the games of the “Self” and developing inner awareness
  • Developing a stronger connection with the Higher Sacred Self
  • Sharing the Oneness Blessing to move participants into greater Inner Awareness
  • And more

Contact Patricia at for questions or to set up private or group Study.

Six 1.5 hour sessions $800


Akashic Records  1.5 Day Course  

Would you like to know more about your own Akashic Records?

Our personal Akashic Records can help us to understand the challenges in our life and can help us to explore lifetimes and gifts that we are available for us to tune in to.

In this 1.5 day course we will explore:

  • The records of the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras
  • Explore the roots of physical challenges, relationship issues, personal judgments  and ancestral impacts
  • Begin the Healing Process
  • Explore Gifts and Past Lifetimes
  • Explore connections to other Star Systems

Register with Patricia at

Distance Study Options are available

Private study available


Learning to Channel Class

Would you like to deepen your connection to your Higher Sacred Self and your spiritual guides?

Details coming soon !!! 

If possible, please make payments for all courses by interac e-transfer through your bank.
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