Open your Extra Sensory Perception

We are blessed with being able to experience life through our senses.   We can see the beauty of lakes or mountains or a loved one’s face.   We can smell the first blooms of spring that usher in new life.   We

taste our favourite sweet or salty snack, letting our taste buds respond in

enjoyment.  We hear a song that brings back

memories of a special time in our life or touch the soft skin of a new born child.

If our minds could be still, the senses could experience more instead of being clouded

with the dialogue always going on in the background.  While it will most definitely bring great joy to life to experience more fully through the senses, we can also seek to go beyond the physical senses into the more subtle realms.

All of us have access to senses that go beyond physical perception…those of inner seeing, inner hearing, smells, tastes and touches of things not in our physical presence, and an inner knowing that can provide guidance and direction in our lives.

Even when our physical senses are congested or impaired in some way, we can still tune in to our Extra Sensory perception.   Some people are born with their extra sensory perception fully turned on in one or more ways.   This can happen for many reasons including the lifetime they have come to experience.  Some people that have been born with these senses turned on find this a difficult and overwhelming experience.   I work with many people in my private session and coaching work that struggle with how best to manage the constant bombardment of the senses.  Over time, some of these people shut their gifts down because there is no one there to instruct them how to use and manage their gifts or because it leads to depression and anxiety to be continually taking on the emotions and thought forms of others.

If you have not been born with your subtle senses open, or at least not to the degree that you would like, is it possible to open these senses more and learn to use them? Most definitely!!  

People that are not born with their extra sensory perception fully open may have openings that  happen in one or more ways.  Some people have a particular experience that acts as a trigger for them and after that trigger, they find the senses much more open.   This happens to some people that have gone through a traumatic accident, a spiritual awakening of some sort or other powerful or dramatic life event.    Most others that have a passion to awaken the subtle senses have a more gradual opening through one or more forms of energetic or spiritual work.

We all have these senses of the subtle realm that work beyond  physical perception and experience, however, when the energetic body is “clogged” with emotions, thought forms and karmic imprints, it is hard to tune in to those senses and sensations until we clear some of the energetic debris out of the way.   As we work on our inner state, the inner senses begin to open more and more and we find a whole new world opening up before us.

Our extra sensory perception is like a muscle…the more we use it and exercise it, the stronger it gets and the quicker it responds. Everyone usually has at least one extra sensory perception that is stronger than the others and most find the sense of “feeling” stronger than the rest.  Other subtle senses can be opened, but in my experience, we cannot force our way through that door.  The openings happen at the right time for each person.

We are coming into a time where tuning into our extra sensory perception is becoming more important.  The world is changing swiftly and we are bombarded with technology and a world of instant and un-ending connection that can overwhelm and stress all the senses.  In a chaotic world, we need to develop our inner connection and inner awareness to help us through those times of anxiety and stress and to assist us through those outer events we may not always understand.  As parents of children in this busy technological world, we need to help our youth learn to do the same as well.

When you take a step toward connecting with your inner world, you will find rewards beyond what you ever imagined possible.  Do something good for yourself and explore the inner world, get to know it and see what lays in store for you.

Patricia Dennis

Instructor of Energetic Healing Systems, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Guide