Welcome to my website!

My work is focused on helping others heal and balance their inner and outer world, and for those that choose to do so, helping them take a spiritual journey of awareness and self expansion.

When the inner world begins to move towards peace and harmony, the outer world begins to reflect these same qualities.  On this path you come to know your  True Self better, you learn to accept yourself, and you open yourself to receive your Soul’s guidance.

I offer a variety of coaching, healing and spiritual development courses and private sessions.  What you choose will depend on your needs, and the path that resonates with you.   I am a facilitator for the work of the Golden Age Movement (Oneness/O & O Academy) and an energetic healing instructor  for Hakeerah Academy (previously the World Healing Academy).

I offer medical intuitive assessment services that assess your energy field as well as the vibrations that will bring the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies back into balance.

I am happy to customize sessions, workshops and classes for your interest.  All offerings for classes and private sessions are currently online on Zoom or Skype.

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Upcoming Courses and offerings

Pendulum Dowsing Course – January 2021

Soul Connection Course –  February 2021

If there is something else that you would like to study but do not see listed at this time, contact me for study options or to note your interest for the next run of the course. 


Saturday Jan 9, 2021 – 3 hour program

Register for the new Create course by contacting me at patricia.dennis11@gmail.com.

You won’t regret taking this course filled with inner reflection, meditation and blessings!

Presented by Golden Age movement. 

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